18 thoughts on “She’s Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

  1. I’m only a couple of pages in and already I like it, it seems really interesting. I think the characters are quite well developed,and the story is unique. I would like to hear your thoughts!

  2. I had read this about a year before the Concorde Book Awards 2016 list came out and already thought it was amazing. It’s the type of book that stays in your mind after you’ve read it and the whole coincidences plot must have taken hours to write. Only a few very well written books stay in my mind and this is one of them.

  3. I liked the fact that despite being blind Laureth didn’t let that limit what she did and I especially liked the descriptions of the techniques she used to hide her visual impairment from other people. I found some of the coincidence theories a bit confusing, but I enjoyed he plot. Plenty of drama and action to keep me reading.

  4. this is a very good read for people who love the drive of a mystery with a character in a book as it yearns them to keep reading to find out who this person of mystery is.

  5. She is not invisible has fantastic plot! And what a coincidence when I finished the book just before I was told the selected Concorde books. So one book down already! Throughout the story my favourite character was the brother. The best part of the story for me is when I found the coincidence in the book. Great way to get the reader more involved. Good luck finding it !!! Happy reading.

  6. Laureth is just like me. It is such a coincidence! They have some family problems like in Apple and Rain. Their wild journey brings them terror but they seem fearless. Also I like the fact that Laureth tries so hard to fit in like Stanley Carrot.

    • That is so true! It really is coincidence! And From a recent blog I had a coincident and I wonder if anyone else has one to do with the book to. Do any of you have one?

  7. Hi,
    I was going to read this book next, but didn’t really know what it is about. Would it be possible for someone to give me an insight to the basic plot/characters? Leave the spoilers out though!

  8. This book is great! I really enjoyed reading this as it has a really interesting storyline! It also makes some very interesting points like most books about blind people end with a happy ending and the blind character getting their sight back or something similar. This is mentioned by the blind character, Laureth. I also enjoyed the way the story talks about coincidences.

    • Me too! I loved this book. Laureth has a very nice name and I like the way Marcus Sedgwick told the story and how it really feels to live without sight! Also, she was determined, like me. Coincidence, you might think?

  9. I read this book quickly for a few minutes in a speed book dating game we played at my book group. It seemed like a sort of emotional book about blind girl and her brother. I don’t think I would read the rest of this book though.

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