28 thoughts on “Terror Kid by Benjamin Zephaniah

  1. This book is my least favourite out of all the books. It talks about some important issues but it was not very well written if you ask me. :/

  2. I found the plot of this book very well thought off. However I found that at points the writer would rush things particularly at the beginning and end.
    Other than that this book is a clever book that makes you wonder how the main character will make his way out of his newest predicament.

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  3. The plot of Terror Kid is very topical and shows how easy it is to get involved in something that you don’t mean to. It’s written very much from a young person’s perspective and doesn’t feel like you’re reading a book written by an adult pretending to think like a teenager. A fast paced and gripping read.

  4. Just finished reading this book and I loved it I found the characters really well developed. I also found the story really interesting, I thought it dealt with some really complex issues really well. I loved this book and would like to hear your thoughts!

  5. I like the thoughts and ideas gone in to this book including the settings and the personalities of the characters. However, I think the author could have done a lot more with the plot such as making the main character actually do something for the world instead of just hacking. 2.5/ 5

  6. I felt, in contrast to what other people thought, that this book was incredibly dull. You could predict the ending from about three pages in and nothing really happened. There was no plot and from about four chapters in I was forcing myself to read it.

  7. this is a book is a one in a thousand, not many people can wright a book like this and make it such a hard book to put down

  8. Hi everyone,
    I was considering reading this book next, but was wondering what it was about. Could anyone give me a rough overview (without spoilers!) of it?


    • I’ve just started reading this book and it’s amazing! It starts off slowly and then launches into a suspension filled adventure.
      The plot fits in with what is happening in the real world, which makes you feel for the character, Rico.
      I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a tension-packed mystery story.
      4/5 so far!

  9. I really enjoyed reading this book. It hits on modern issues and Zephaniah’s writing style makes it easy to read. An interesting read with an exciting plot.

  10. I strongly recommend this book because the author uses and creates a dystopian turn through a series of events which creates a lot a of tension for a very clever boy. I am glad that this masterpiece has been shortlisted for the Concorde Book Award 2016 and you won’t want to put the book back down after you have read a few pages!

    • I agree with you fully because when I was reading it I didn’t want to put it down because it is full of suspense and action. I also like the way Benjamin Zephaniah writes because he ends the chapters on a cliff-hanger, making you want to read on. I would also strongly recommend this book to other readers.

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