48 thoughts on “The Fearless by Emma Pass

  1. This book is really good! We think its the best out of all the series! The relationship between Myo and Cass was really cute and unexpected, just like the ending. We couldn’t put it down, and we really recommend it 🙂

  2. this book is great. i couldn’t put it down. i can’t wait to see what people have done with it at concorde

  3. Today we had to vote. I voted for the fearless (obviously!!). This is one of the best books I have ever read. I love the way the paragraphs are from different peoples views and feelings

  4. I have started to read this and it is quite good so far. i am about 9 chapters into it and really excited
    about reading more. i cant put the book down.

  5. This was literally the BEST book I have EVER READ. I couldn’t put the book down its a real page turner. There was quite a lot off swearing in it 3 different swear words on one page!!!!! SERIOUSLY! but how ever much swearing there is in it, it is still my favourite book ever. The reader makes the book sound like you are the people in the book that you are reading about. I like the idea off the different paragraphs for different people its a very good idea. I very nearly cried once while reading this book, whilst she was in the cage at the fearless camp. I was so upset that she was just trying to save her brother and they both nearly died. This book is also very good that it is set in well known places. places that people like us might have been to. This is a brilliant thrill off a book. I love it and I hope everyone else does. If I was the girl I would be like so worried that all off my family might be gone from me forever. I could defiantly not fault this book in any way. Best book ever. Keep writing books like this Emma Pass.

  6. This book was one of my favourites and I will be reading more books by Emma Pass, but the only thing I didn’t like was the ending, as I thought it was a bit unsatisfying. 😛

    • I personaly don’t think the end was unsatisfiying I loved this book I looked and there is only 1 other book written by her “ACID”.:-)

  7. This book isn’t a book to be read before bed. It was so realistic I couldn’t sleep. It has been written to captivate and occasionally scare anybody who reads it. Its a book with twists and turns accompanied by so countless conflicting sides. I think this is a book I will remember with clarity for many years to come.

  8. I still think this book is gonna win because it is so good. The characters,the setting everything. Who else thinks this book is gonna win? 🙂

  9. I think this book is gonna be the winner of the Concorde book award because it has so many good features so whoever hasn’t read the book yet read it now because it is soooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooood!

  10. I really want this book to win because I still think this book is really amazing and I can’t say anymore. I’m latterly loss for words. When I first saw the book I thought the book will be good but after a couple of chapters I didn’t find this a good book I found it amazing! Hope your book wins Emma! 🙂

  11. I really liked this book and the bad language means that the situations are very bad. The book was a great page turner and I couldn’t put it down. I hope there is a sequel and that it is a suspenseful and keeps me on the edge of my seat. CJ

  12. I found this book AMAZING and it’s one of the best takes on post-apocalypse I’ve read! The whole plot idea is amazing. However *spoilers* I found the whole idea that Sol would turn evil very unlikely but that’s literally the only problem I could see!

  13. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. The main character,Cass, is a a strong character who I loved, my favourite character is Myo as he is very secretive. I hope there is a sequel, I would definitely read it if there is.

    The Fearless is defiantly getting my vote!!!! Well done Emma Pass 😄

  14. The cover looks very interesting and i can’t wait to read this book. i think the cover sets the scene very well and helps to describe some of the story

  15. The Fearless was an awesome spin on the popular ‘dystopian future’ theme. There were so many plot twists, and I enjoyed the narrative switching between characters to show different sides to the story. Cas was a great main character, and the supporting cast were interesting too. I just hope there will be more, because that cliffhanger ending is unbearable!

  16. I love this book because of the strong female character. It gives a real sense meaning when a girl is required to be strong for others

  17. I feel like this book was one of the best there was a true classic of apocalyptic horror and teen romance between a fearless hybrid and a girl trapped in a world with ever changing rules which she will never understand that has you hooked to the very last page

  18. I wasn’t sure if this book was going to be ‘just another dystopian’ but I was very pleasantly surprised…. It’s fast paced, full of suspense and I enjoyed the way the chapters were written from different characters points of view. I hope Emma Pass plans to write a sequel because I’ll definitely be in the queue to read it!

  19. I’ve just finished reading it……it’s amazing and to people that are still reading keep on reading it. I hope their is a sequel cause it is really good and should be part of one.-WIA

  20. I have just started reading this book and I am currently on chapter 9. the book has been very gripping and eventful!! I am not aware of a sequel but if there is one, I want to read it.

  21. I think that The Fearless offered an interesting spin on the ‘zombie apocalypse’ genre by making the Fearless genuinely scary villains, and by writing Cass as a very interesting, believable character. Great work, Emma Pass!

  22. I think The Fearless is really dark and mysterious especially at the beginning but Emma Pass has written the book SO well that she makes the readers feel sympathy for the characters especially when Jori is taken and Cass is screaming her heart out and like I said makes us feel so sorry for Cass. Because of this I think The Fearless is going to win this Concorde Book Awards! 🙂

  23. This book is amazing! It has a dystopian theme and reminds me of the hunger games and divergent! This is now one of my favourite books and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, I would recommend this book to everyone around the age of 11+.

  24. I haven’t read this book but i am going to read it next because the front cover is very intriguing and it looks like the Hunger Games and i like that style. Georgia, Brimsham Green School

  25. A very good book. 1st chapter is so gripping and i have only read 5 chapters but it will defiantly get my vote!
    George, Brimsham Green School

  26. This book reminds me of other books, for example “The Fear” which won the Concorde book awards a few years ago. I might struggle with it as it looks rather cliche. I have read a great amount of horror books, especially post-apocalyptic ones, so it would have to be exceedingly good for me to enjoy it. i might give it a go, however. These are just my first impressions.

  27. It looks like quite a good book. I would read it if I picked it off the shelf because the background looks interesting and gives off a sense of mystery. I like mystery books so I might enjoy this a lot.

  28. This book is SOOOOO good! It’s like a mix between the hunger games, divergent and the maze runner but so much more!!!!! :):):):)

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